Q. I haven't riden a Jet Ski before, is it difficult?

A. Not a problem! In fact, many of our customers have never riden a Jet Ski before. When you rent a Jet Ski from us, one of our friendly staff members will go over everything you need to know before you go out on the water. Because Jet Skis are powered by a jet of air instead of a propeller, they are very safe and easy to ride. In the event that you do fall off, the ignition key is strapped to your wrist so that the Jet Ski automatically stops in place until you remount it. We also provide each customer with a personal floatation device safety and offer goggle hire for $5 per person.


Q. Can I bring a passenger?

A. Yes, double your fun for an extra $10 per passenger. 


Q. Is there an age limit to ride a Jet Ski?

 A. Whilst there is no limit to the age of your passenger, you must be at least 16 to drive a Jet Ski.


Q. Do I have to follow a circular course?

A. No. Unlike other Jet Ski Rental companies, our customers do not have to do laps of a circular course. With the Watercraft Connection, you get to ride in the open ocean up to a mile off the beautiful coast line of Hawaii's infamous North Shore. 


Q. Can I bring a camera with me?

A. We suggest that if you want to take photos on the water, you bring a waterproof camera. Even on days that seem like there is no wind, small particles of water can spray into your camera and damage it. We also sell Waterproof Camera and Splash Pak's (waterproof fanny bags that hold a camera, car keys, wallet, passport and other personal items).


Q. Is there somewhere safe I can store my belongings whilst I am on the water?

A. Absolutely! There is always someone at our Kiosk to ensure that your personal items are safe and sound.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?

A. Although reservations for Jet Ski and Kayak rental are not neccessary, a phone call will ensure that we are open when you arrive. In this business, we have to work with Mother Nature because the weather and tides on the North Shore are often unpredictable.


Q. Is there parking at the Harbor?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking available at the Harbor.